I’m happy, damn it!

The lack of pain and anguish in my life has left me totally void of inspiration and I have nothing good to write about. Woe is me.

If “silly little brat is complaining that nothing is wrong!” is what you initially thought after reading the previous paragraph, you’d probably be right. However, you probably don’t understand my sense of humour either. Nope, you’ve missed it completely. Awkward. You should probably go before it gets any more uncomfortable. 

This post really only exists for the sake of me writing a post, since nothing exciting has happened to me lately. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad has happened to me either, but that’s exactly the problem! I mostly use my blog as a way of reflecting on my own thoughts and feelings, and then writing them down in an entertaining way. I hope. This is why the vast majority of my posts have been inspired by amusing or borderline controversial events that I’ve witnessed take place. However, nothing borderline controversial OR amusing has happened to me lately. No, annoyingly, everything has been good. But who really wants to read that?! 

Admit it. You would much rather hear about someone’s cringeworthy cockup than their success. It’s not that you don’t want everything to be going well for them, it’s just that you wouldn’t get as a big a chuckle out of it.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, right? We’re only human, after all. 

In case you still don’t fully understand my humour, I should point out that I am, of course, joking about being furious with my joy. I’m truly thankful for everything that’s going well in my life at the moment (of which I shall spare you the details since I don’t want to bore you to sleep with them). However, I totally get why some of the world’s greatest musicians/writers etc. were depressed. Well, I kind of mean that the other way round. In all honestly, I’d be over the moon if I had just made a shitload of money selling something I’d written. But I understand how their sadness enabled them to put somethingly heart-wrenchingly moving and inspirational together. Think about it – how many of the most famous songs in the world are about something really, really, really good happening to the protagonist? Hardly any, they’re all about sad stuff. It’s just so much easier to write when you’re pissed off with everything.

There’s a lot coming up in the pipeline, but writing about it now would mean I’d have nothing to write about after it had happened. You wouldn’t be nearly as interested – you’d already more or less know the basic outline of what I had going on and wouldn’t particularly care to read the full story. So for now I have to be patient and think of something witty to say about the upcoming events. If you see me out and about with a pen and notepad in hand, it’s because I’m terrified of thinking something funny and then forgetting it by the time something blogworthy has happened. (Only kidding, I promise I don’t ACTUALLY try that hard on these posts, I’m not quite that sad. Not quite).

Until then, adios. I promise you all that my next post shall be mildly more entertaining than this one. If it isn’t, hopefully it’ll at least be informative. And if it’s neither, I should probably just stop writing this blog all together…


Z. x


3 thoughts on “I’m happy, damn it!

  1. Was happy to see a new post from you show up in my RSS feed. Even if your posts are months apart, I hope you’ll keep posting, and I’m glad you’re happy and well.

    I’m pretty happy and well myself, and I too have large quantities of nothing to write about if I wanted, so I can relate.

    I’d probably just end up posting pictures of my goofy labrador wriggling about on her back while snorting and grunting with a squeaky ball in her mouth.

  2. See! Told you you had something noteworthy to write about! :p (@marvRake)

    It must be nice to be in a content place, and no, we don’t just want to read about cockups! 🙂

    Do you have any sport initiatives or connections with people looking to promote sport and youth sport? I’d love to read about your ties with those and have a vested interest myself. 🙂

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