Five things that have been annoying me this week

Its been a long week so far. I’m tired and irritable, and my face hurts due to wisdom teeth coming through. Therefore I thought I’d let myself have a bit of a rant, and anybody that wants to read it can. I’ve limited myself to five points, purely because nobody in their right minds would have the time, patience or interest to hear me going on about stuff that I don’t like for any longer than that. So here, in no particular order, are five things that have bothered me over the past few days or so.


I thought I’d ease you into this post gently, by talking about a universally-hated creature, created for the good of absolutely nobody. Of course, I am talking about the mosquito. I woke up the other morning with a few itchy red bumps on my legs. Coincidentally, I hadn’t realised that I was itchy until I’d seen them. Then, of course, I just had to scratch. And typically, they have been bothering me ever since. 
The existence of the mosquito is pretty much the reason I don’t believe in God. Why would anyone with all the power in the world choose to create these irritating little tyrants purely to suck on the blood of humans causing them hours of endless pain and frustration? While your counter argument may have something to do with that old thing we call the food chain, you should know that I really don’t care. I am pretty sure that whatever is eating mosquitos would not miss them if they were to disappear off the face of the earth. There is other food. Food that doesn’t make the most annoying, high pitched buzz in the middle of the night while you’re trying to sleep, making you fear for your life as you lay paralysed and blind under your duvet. 

Harem Pants

The worst part about these is that, if worn correctly, they can look really nice. However not if you have a bigger bum and hips than waist. In fact, I am finding I have the same problem with any sort of shorts/jeans/trousers. But I have recently discovered harem pants to be the biggest offenders. I found an old pair in my wardrobe the other day that I hadn’t worn in about 2 years, and decided to give them a go. I soon remembered why I had stopped wearing them though. Surprisingly, they slid up easily over my legs and bum (which is a rare occurence when you do weightlifting), but the high waist was way too big. Consequently, it fell straight back down to my hips, creating an unsightly fold between my hip bones. I looked like an obese person who’d lost a lot of weight and was left with loads of skin that just sagged downwards. This is not fashion. I felt like the genie from Aladdin. 

Abuse of the English language

By English people, this is. I think we’re just going to have to accept that Americans will forever be drinking from faucets rather than taps, throwing things into trashcans rather than bins, removing ‘u’s and replacing ‘s’s with ‘z’s. Why fight it?
Fair enough, language is always changing and developing, and new words are always being invented. But there is no excuse for words such as “dench”, “reem” and “wooldy” – what the **** even is this last one?! I keep seeing it pop up on my Twitter timeline and every time I’m like… what?! What does it mean? How would I even pronounce that?! Seriously, if you have any idea please feel free to inform me.
I have been known to use the odd abbreviation such as “lol”, “noob” and “wtf”. But creating new, nonsensical words when we already have perfectly good ones which mean the same thing? Inexcusable. And you know who I blame? ….

Reality TV shows and its ‘produce’

Yes. These are the culprits for attempting to destroy not only our language, but our entire country it would appear. The Only Way Is Essex being a classic example. I’m choosing to pick on this show because it seems to have the biggest idiots. Whatsmore is, somehow, they’ve cleverly managed to market these morons so well that ‘idiot’ has become the new ‘cool’. And even better, teenagers/young adults/fools everywhere are really buying into it and looking up to these idiots as role models! I can’t go to Bexleyheath without seeing hundreds of 15 year old Joey Essex wannabes. If you’ve watched the show, you will realise that no good can come of trying to emulate Joey Essex. This kid can only just about string a sentence together, and even then, half the words are just made up. Are these words only catching on because people are just humouring him, like you do to really little kids who can’t speak properly yet? 
That said, in his defence he seems fairly harmless. Mostly because I sincerely doubt he has enough brainpower to cause anyone any harm. However, the cast of Geordie Shore are more or less entirely what is wrong with the country. I will admit, that I do find them fairly funny in their own, strange little way. Its the men that annoy me most – they strut around acting like they’re God’s gift to women all the while treating them like dirt. To add insult to injury, they do it whilst sporting the most over-waxed eyebrows I’ve ever seen – they’d put most GIRLS to shame. It would seem that the entire point of their existence was to have sex with as many of their female counterparts as possible. And sadly, it seems that the rest of the country are following the example given by these ‘men’, who should think about crawling back to whatever cave they came out of and carry on evolving.

Idiots on the Internet

My final, and possibly most controversial point so far. Lately, I’ve been finding that more and more people have been tweeting me replying to my tweets. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people tweet me and I’m usually happy to reply. But when people are rude and stupid, it really grinds my gears. If you don’t agree with something I’ve said, fair enough. But at least be polite enough to put it in a diplomatic way! The problem with that is, the majority of the people I’m talking about probably aren’t actually intelligent enough to even know what diplomatic means (or even that I’m talking about them). In fact, I’m only confident enough to make this point on here because I know that most of the people I’m talking about either can’t read or will have given up after the first sentence. Mostly, said people will make a completely unrelated, irrelevant and invalid point… leaving me sat staring at my screen, shaking my head and questioning my faith in humanity while thinking “what was the point in that?!” Are you trying to get a reaction? Or do you just want me to notice you? Well, congratulations. I officially think you’re an idiot. Would you like a badge? As you may have gathered, if you’ve done this, I probably don’t like you. 
When someone with an IQ higher than five makes a valid point, I’m happy to talk about it. Until then, please, just don’t even say it. To make it even worse, these are the kind of people that usually add about nine x’s to the end of the message. Just to make it that little bit more irritating. 

So there you have it, one gigantic rant about everything. If you have a problem with it, make sure to check your IQ before making that point to me, there are many sites on the Internet where you can do that. That’s if you can operate Google effectively. 


19 thoughts on “Five things that have been annoying me this week

  1. HA! You make a point that there is a difference between British English and American English. This would hardly count as a rant in the US. It’s more like proper little musings than the bombastic verbage of Now that’s how to rant!

  2. I had no idea you were/are so angry. I would suggest you form a relationship with Christ, because i know that would change and help your life beyond belief 🙂 Alas, i know as you mentioned above; you do not believe in God. (See some of us DO read and pay attention). The fact that you are looking down on people and calling people ‘idiots’ is very horrible, You should never think you’re above people just because you’re now famous and the papers call you Britain’s Strongest Teenager. We are all individually important, every single one of us.

    “At the end of 2010 the teenager had her public funding withdrawn by the sport’s governing body after an argument over her attitude in training.” Looks like i’m not the only one here that can see you have an attitude.

    Aarrrgh you’ve now got me ranting! It is good that you are blogging your feelings, for some people this is a good method to relieve stress. You are obviously such a great athlete too and if you keep progressing like this you’ll be seen as a roll-modal in years to come. You’ve shown us that you don’t need to be built like a brick-shithouse to be strong and you’ll most likely encourage more females into the sport. But are you really going to be a good roll modal if you’re grumpy, arrogant, sarcastic, disrespectful, and some what snobbish? Answer is NO.

    I got a shit job, shit broken down car, hardly any money, i’m ill and i’m unfit… I’m no career athlete with phenomenal physical strength and fitness and i’m certainly never ever gonna go to the olympics. But I have Jesus in my heart and like him i love everybody 🙂

    Please think better of people Zoe.
    God Bless x

    • I am aware some people do believe in God, and I completely accept that. At no point did I say he didn’t exist! I was very careful of that because I didn’t want to offend. However personally, I prefer (for my own reasons) choose not to believe in any sort of religion just because that’s what I have decided is best for me.
      Haha, I in no way would call myself famous, more important than anyone else or whatever so I find the idea that you think myself “above other people” on the basis that I’ve been in the paper abhorrent. Why should I not dislike people who are rude to me and don’t even have the intelligence to back up their argument? If you choose to love everybody equally that’s entirely up to you and I don’t want to stop you. But I personally judge people on what they’ve given me to judge them by – and most of the time it seems I either like them or I don’t, simple as that.
      My funding withdrawal, that’s a low blow! By my “attitude towards training”, they didn’t mean that I was grumpy and angry. They meant that, in their opinion, I wasn’t doing enough. A lot has gone on between the weightlifting governing body and myself, most of which I’m not prepared to disclose publicly on the Internet for all to see.
      Above everything else, I’m a teenager. Can you name me one teenager that isn’t grumpy and sarcastic? I’ll be honest with you, grumpy and sarcastic have, pretty much from the day I was born, been two of my main traits! To be constantly cheerful, enthusiastic and generally happy about EVERYTHING just wouldn’t be being myself. As long as my parents love me, I’m not too upset if nobody else does. To quote Kurt Kobain – “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not”.
      I’m not the first person in the public eye to be grumpy and/or opinionated. Check out two of my favourite comedians – Ricky Gervais and Jon Richardson. Their grumpiness cracks me up! You’ll have a field day 😉
      Z x

    • Meanie Killer…. isn’t that an oxymoron? A person who kills other people is a “meanie”. So you know what your next action should be 😉

    • “I had no idea you were/are so angry. I would suggest you form a relationship with Christ….”

      Oops, my crackpot alarm just went off …

  3. First of all i’m glad you put that Kurt Cobain quote in there coz i love Nirvana and I love that Quote lol. I didn’t once say that you said God doesn’t exist either. I honestly don’t care, i’m not a religious person i just have God and Jesus in my life, (religion = rules = bad)
    I like Jon Richardson he cracks me up, Sean lock is one of my favourite though. I just like 8 out of 10 cats ahah.
    I think people who pump iron are usually angry lol, I can imagine it’l come into good use.

    People are shocked of your anger because we don’t really know you, i think your blogs are a good idea, its a good ice breaker.
    Most of my friends are grumpy and sarcastic too if i’m honest lol,

    The funding withdrawal was a low blow and i’m really sorry i said that.

    Are you going to make vlogs on youtube too?
    Also can you please make a blog about your gymnastics at some point? I like gymnastics

  4. This blog makes me want to follow you around laughing at the things that annoy you! I started following you on twitter because I think you are a great athlete but this blog is doubling my fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. This genuinely made me crack up.
    Also, I think wasps come under the same category as the Mosquitos, completely pointless.
    Abuse of the English language is my biggest pet peeve.

  6. >internet IQ tests
    Zoe please. You’re missing out the fact mosquitoes have wings and you look like a man, which I feel makes your point about IQ invalid.

  7. If you ever get tired of weightlifting, please do write a book. This is brilliant stuff, really funny and I just want to read more. You are a pretty talented young lady with many a string to your bow!

  8. I would like to see a video of you dancing like the famous Scottish rapper MC Hammer while wearing harem pants. stop! hammer time!

  9. I agree with your 100% on the mosquito thing. -_- And I’m training to be an ecologist so it makes me feel guilty for hating them. lol

    I’ve only recently been brought out my blind ignorance as I thought mosquito’s were just something you get in warm countries!!! lol

  10. My first thought reading this post was: “I think I love you.”

    I mean, seriously? I hate the reality TV trend of murdering society by making “stupid” the new cool, and harem pants are atrocious/frightening/scary/horrifying.

    Plus, I can totally forgive you for taking jabs at my inability to use a tap because the faucet’s in the way. At least we can see that practice only needs one spelling because the verb and noun aren’t all that different. ❤ (Note: I like the s and keep the u, so my American-English is really a Hybrid-English-of-Preference.)

  11. so impressed with you Zoe – just been introduced to your blog; not only are you a wonderfully impressive athlete (roll on Rio), but writing a huge amount of common sense! Just carry on doing what you are doing, and you will do brilliantly in life

  12. You are as beautiful as you are strong and your comments about mosquitoes show that you are also very intelligent. The mosquitoes are the most lethal of all creatures they are diabolical vectors of malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and quite a few other diseases that kill millions every year.
    Perhaps there is a god but clearly a very malevolent being.

  13. I agree about reality tv, it’s definitely not one of humanity’s finest inventions. We have those in France as well, and it’s basically about rounding up about 10 idiots with vacant eyes in a house and watch them quibble about useless stuff. I guess that people like to laugh at them because they really make you feel intelligent…but these reality tv people are just not worth the time. And contrarily to the “meanie killer”, I do think that it’s fair to criticize them for glamourizing idiocy. It has never been so easy to educate oneself so why are these people refusing to use their brains ? If nobody ever dare criticize the status quo, nothing will ever change…and if you wait for Jesus to change everything, I’m afraid you’ll have a wait quite a long time.

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