No time like the present…

So today, I decided I’d start writing a blog. And here it is.

I spent the morning brainstorming ideas on how I’d start this off… And to be quite honest I came up with nothing. So, although I imagine you’d already have to sort of know me to be reading this, here’s a bit about me:

I’m Zoe, I lift weights. I’m going to the Olympics. I live in south east London. I like shopping, clothes, girly magazines, comedy, music and food. I hate walking. I’m scared of spiders and driving. That’s pretty much it!

You’re going to have to be patient with me as I’m a complete noob to the blogging world. I did a few blogs once on my lifting career but there’s only so many times you can say “I went to the gym, I picked some things up and put them down again” without it getting old.

It all started with a wave of inspiration this morning. I was sitting at my computer desk, happily drinking tea in my Batman PJs when there was a bang at the door ( – is there anything worse than having to answer the door sporting the I-have-just-got-out-of-bed look?). It turns out I was needed to sign for a delivery which just so happened to be an Xbox360 with Kinect!

Months ago, when I still lived in Leeds for training purposes, I never thought I’d want to see an Xbox again. I was living with 4 boys and one of my best friends, Hannah, who are also all GB weightlifters. Us two girls were, on a daily basis, subjected to the sounds of FIFA and F1 every time we wandered through the living room, which needless to say, we absolutely despised. Especially as we only had one TV in the house and it was being abused with FIFA.

Hannah and I debated on replacing their man-games with more ‘female friendly’ ones such as Zumba Fitness, just because to us that would’ve been hilarious, but we decided that idea would have gone down like a lead balloon. But as of today, I am the proud owner of my very own Xbox and I will zumba if I want to.
Although this story seems to have gone off on a tangent, I assure you its all relevant. Sort of.

I texted Hannah to let her know she would be zumba-ing with me this weekend as she’s coming down to stay for a bit while she works as a technical official at the Games, and automatically envisioned the pair of us dancing like utter twatheads in my living room. I smiled at the thought, and wondered what people would think if they could see the two of us. My next thought was “maybe that’s not such a bad idea”. We’ve just finished filming a documentary for BBC 3 – the working title was ‘Iron Maidens’ and its due to air this weekend. It was great fun to be part of, we were each given our own handicams to film video diaries and anything we deemed interesting or funny enough to be seen. Although the documentary is filmed and all handicams returned, there’s still loads of stuff I’d love for people to see! And there, ladies and gentlemen, was the inspiration for my blog.

So I decided I’m going to start to filming and sharing random bits of my life that I personally find interesting or funny, and documenting stuff in more than 140 characters. This might be the biggest fail ever, but I’m willing to give it a go.

PS, I’ll keep you posted on the zumba video.


5 thoughts on “No time like the present…

  1. Zoe Smith! Nice to know you have a kinnect, you NEED to get saints row3 its awesome i think you’d enjoy it 😉
    Btw must confessed, my info on my twitter is made up (my name isn’t bloody harry). I used to have my main account where i followed my favourite bands etc but then it got flooded by all my friend’s tweets and it got really annoying, they just posted the same crap as they did on facebook lol so i created a separate account with made up name etc so that i can follow bands / famous people better ahah, So sorry about that. Say, Do you have xbox live? If you want my facebook or xbox live address just ask 🙂

    I imagine you are far too busy for xbox, afterall you do have the olympics to do 😛

    Hope you’re well xx

  2. Great to see you blogging Zoe! We’re all behind you for the Olympics and it’s great to share your journey! Have fun and well done on all your personal bests that you’ve been achieving recently. I always compare your weights with how many of my little one(s) your lifting. Much respect to you Zoe! Sheila Smith (mother of Zoe Emma Smith!) x

  3. Wishing you all the best for your event. You’re such an inspiration: strong and articulate with a huge amount of dedication. I’m in awe and can’t wait to see you go out there and show them what you’re made of!

    Have a great Olympics.

  4. Great blog – recommended by the Guardian. Will definitely watch the documentary and wiil continue to avoid harem pants.

  5. You are so lucky, as well as being really good at lifting heavy things! Back to the real world now that the longest party ever has finished.

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